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View hit rate leaderboards to find the hottest players
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Any questions?
What is Hofbets?
Hofbets is a web-based sports betting research tool which helps users build data-driven parlays and save time previously spent doing manual research.
How will it help me?
Hofbets allows you to research parlay ideas faster than ever before. Enter a parlay to instantly view historical data and hit rates, broken down by leg. Get back time wasted on manually browsing box scores and game logs.
How much does Hofbets cost?
Hofbets has two plans, Free and Pro. Pro membership is $15/month or $120/year. We offer a free 1 week trial of Pro.
We currently support NFL and MLB. We will begin supporting NBA in advance of the 2022-2023 season start date (10/19), along with other sports in the near future!
What does “odds” mean in parlay outputs?
Odds refers to the mathematical conversion of a percentage to betting odds, also known as implied odds. You can think of the odds displayed as fair odds if we were to assume that all conditions will remain constant between the games filtered in your search and the upcoming game you’re considering betting on (injuries, weather conditions, etc. are not accounted for). If a sportsbook is offering longer odds than the odds shown, it indicates a potential +EV opportunity.
How do I enter multi-team parlays?
Multi-team parlay entry is coming soon! If you’d like to hear about new features as we release them, sign up for text notifications on your Account page.
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