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MLB Player Props and Parlays: July 5

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Welcome to the dynamic realm of MLB sports betting! Are you eager to delve into MLB player props? You've landed in the perfect spot! Whether you're a casual fan or an experienced gambler, we've got you covered. Join us as we unravel the intricate world of player props in baseball. We're here to arm you with key insights that could sharpen your betting strategies. So, strap in for a revealing exploration of the MLB and get ready to view the game from an insider's perspective. Let's jump in and discover together!

What are Player Prop Bets?

Player prop bets, often called “props,” focus on individual players' actions rather than the overall game result. They're popular in various sports, especially in baseball. In the MLB, these bets zoom in on specific player achievements such as hits, total bases, home runs, pitcher strikeouts, steals, etc.

Looking for a place to try these out? Head over to a major sportsbook. For instance, DraftKings Sportsbook offers a menu of bets for any MLB game. If you're interested in tonight's matchup between the Red Sox and Yankees, check out the Same Game Parlay tab for various statistical options.

The Lineup for Today:

Jarren Duran 1+ Hits (-180) (ESPN BET) | MLB Player Props

Jarren Duran is having his best season yet. Duran is slashing the ball into the gaps before using his speed to record extra base hits. Duran has been a key figure in the Red Sox recent hot streak.

Duran has recorded a hit in 9 of the last 10 games and in 77% of away games this season, highlighting his consistency.

Duran has tallied a hit in all three games against the Yankees this season. In his one career plate appearance against Nestor Cortez, Duran also recorded a hit.

Trea Turner 2+ Total Bases (+125) (DK) | MLB Player Props

Trea Turner is putting together an All-Star caliber season. Turner is batting an impressive .340, 2nd best in the entire MLB. Turner also has speed on the bases, able to extend singles into doubles or put himself in scoring position with stolen bases.

Turner has recorded 2+ total bases in 7 of the last 10 games and in 55% of away games this season. With implied odds of -120 and offered odds of +125 this prop has a 10% edge indicating great value.

Turner has also recorded a hit in 2 of his last 3 games against Fried, and is batting .385 in his career against the Braves starter.

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Randy Vasquez U 3.5 Strikeouts (-115) (DK) | MLB Player Props

Randy Vasquez has failed to recreate his form with the Yankees from last season. In 11 starts Vasquez has recorded a 4.88 ERA, significantly below league average.

Vasquez has gone under 3.5 strikeouts in 73% of games this season and in 4 of his last 5 starts.

Finally Vasquez went under earlier this season against the Diamondbacks. The Diamondbacks are averaging the 6th fewest strikeouts in the MLB over the last 20 games.

Boston Red Sox @ New York Yankees (+202) (DK) | Same Game Parlay

We are going to be featuring one parlay which we believe has great upside potential. This week we are looking at a two-leg parlay, featuring Red Sox Moneyline and Nestor Cortes over 4.5 hits allowed. The Red Sox are currently one of the hottest teams in baseball winning 14 of their last 20 games. On the mound for the Red Sox tonight is Tanner Houck who is having a strong season. The Red Sox have won 8 of Houck’s last 9 starts. They face the Yankees who are really struggling, losing 14 of their last 20 games. On the mound for the Yankees is Nestor Cortes who has failed to replicate his All-Star form from 2 seasons ago. The Yankees have lost 4 of Cortes’s last 5 starts. In review, we are taking:

  • Red Sox Moneyline
  • Cortes O 4.5 Hits Allowed

This is currently being offered for +202 on FanDuel, but running it through our parlay optimizer, we see it has hit in 47% of games this season. With implied odds of +133 this parlay has a 14% edge indicating great value.

This parlay has also hit in 61% of Yankees games this season.

Finally, this parlay has hit in 3 of Nestor Cortes’s last 4 starts.

Why Bet on MLB Player Props?

Why engage in MLB player prop betting? It injects an extra thrill into baseball viewing. Unlike standard bets on teams, player props dive into the actual performances on the field. They offer more predictability and are less swayed by the crowd's opinion. With a deep understanding of a player's capabilities, you can use your insights effectively. Plus, it heightens the excitement of each game, as every action could tip the scales of your wager. Remember, responsible betting is key, but enjoy the additional excitement that player props bring to each MLB game.

In wrapping up, MLB player prop bets offer an interactive, personalized touch to professional baseball. They allow enthusiasts to go beyond scores, focusing on player stats and performances. These bets are not only thrilling but can also be quite rewarding for those who find the market's sweet spots. As a significant force in today's sports betting scene, a firm grasp of MLB player props is a must-have for any serious bettor or baseball fan. Stay informed, research thoroughly, and you may find player props to be both enjoyable and profitably engaging. Always bet with your head, not over it.

Strategies for Selecting Winning MLB Player Prop Bets

Embarking on the journey of MLB player prop betting requires a blend of skill, insight, and strategy. Here are key tactics to help you navigate this exciting landscape and make informed bets:

  • Player Performance Analysis: Delve into recent performances of players. Consider factors like injuries, recovery status, and consistency. A player on a hot streak or facing a weaker opponent could be a lucrative bet.
  • Matchup Assessments: Evaluate the matchups carefully. A batter may fail to record a hit when facing the league's top pitchers. Conversely, a pitcher may fail to record lots of strikeouts against the best offensive teams.
  • Historical Trends: Look at historical data. Some players may have a history of performing exceptionally well or poorly against certain pitchers or in particular situations.
  • Coaching Strategies: Stay updated on team strategies. Coaching decisions can influence a player's opportunity to perform. For example, a starting pitcher may get pulled earlier than expected due to pitch count.
  • In-Game Scenarios: Consider the context of the game. A team that's trailing may consider a more aggressive plate approach..
  • Bankroll Management: Keep your bankroll in check. Don't place all your funds on one prop; diversify your bets to manage risk.
  • Line Shopping: Compare odds across different sportsbooks. Even small differences can be significant over time, so shop for the best lines for your chosen props.
  • Timing Your Bets: Monitor line movements. Placing your bet at the right time, when the lines are most favorable, can be as crucial as the bet itself.
  • Keeping an Eye on the News: Injuries, trades, and team news can all affect props. Keep an eye on updates right up to game time to catch any critical changes.

By incorporating these strategies into your betting routine, you can boost your chances of finding valuable bets and making your MLB viewing experience even more thrilling.

Remember, the key to successful prop betting is research and disciplined wagering. Use the insights gained from these strategies to place smart, informed bets. With practice and patience, you could enhance your MLB player prop betting game.Take the question out of betting research with HOF Bets. Optimize your bets using sports betting analytics like these and many more, available on our platform at or by downloading our new iOS app here. Get started with us today for the best player prop and sports betting research.

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