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Tipping Off: NBA Research Now on HOF Bets!

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Dear HOF Bets Community,

Tonight is the tip-off of the new NBA season and we are here with the announcement you have all been waiting for… NBA Basketball is officially back on the HOFBets App and website!

There is perhaps no sport as well suited for our platform as basketball, so needless to say we are as excited as you to have it finally back. Experience all the action up and down the court of this exhilarating league with the best sports betting research tool out there, now all in one smooth experience on the HOFBets iOS app.

We have worked tirelessly to continue to improve our platform to better suit all our dedicated supporters and we are certain that this NBA season will be our best yet. We have built off all the things that you have come to know and love about the platform and have some great new features to take your betting research process to the next level.

Here are some highlights to look forward to:

  • Everything and Everything NBA: Whether it is team performances or player performances, we have all the data. Look through any information you could possibly desire and take your betting knowledge to the next level.
  • Advanced Trends Tool: Explore the best value bets of the day with our Trends tool. In this powerful addition, see how historical performances compared to betting lines being offered to immediately discover the best value picks to add to your betting slip.
  • In-Depth Matchup Grades: In the Leaders tool, you can examine how consistent players and teams are to any given line, but now you can power up these insights with Matchup Grades. After seeing performances, contextualize this with these grades, indicating how strong or weak the next opponent will be and understand better how likely a bet is to hit.
  • Unparalleled App Experience: Experience everything you have come to love about HOFBets all in one seamless experience on our iOS app. Everything about our app is designed with our users in mind and we are confident that this will transform your sports analytics journey. Never miss out on a play with notifications designed to deliver you the best picks each day and if that’s not enough, dive into our suite of tools to find everything you need to get your betslip ready.

HOFBets is the perfect companion to the NBA. With HOFBets at your side, make this NBA season the best one yet with the best insights and analysis to soar your betting game to new heights. As the season progresses, so will we, so rest assured that betting will only become easier for you this year in the NBA.

The ball is almost in the air so don’t miss out on HOFBets with the NBA, from game one to game seven we are with you every step of the way.


Gary @ HOF Bets

A mockup on an iPhone of the Hofbets platform, where a user is entering in parlays and picks on the NBA Parlay Optimizer.A mockup on an iPhone of a Hofbets user examining a same game parlay they calculated on the NBA Parlay Optimizer.

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